Here at the SCI Smart Coach we’re proud to have been working with Swim England since 2017, and we’re excited to offer our dry-side training and nutrition plan for swimmers of all abilities! The plan features progressive training specifically engineered to enhance your swimming and improve your health & fitness, and will teach you about healthy and sustainable eating to fuel your active lifestyle.

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Based on our groundbreaking Smart Coach platform, your tailored swim-specific plan is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet device. You get:

●  Progressive training plans and tailored meal plans written by multiple award-winning National Level Strength & Conditioning Coaches Alex and Martin.
●  Suitable for all fitness levels.
●  High definition instructional videos of every exercise, with our own voiceovers to talk you through your workouts.
●  A completely personalised meal plan – it’s modular, meaning you don’t have to count calories!
●  A huge library of delicious and healthy meals.
●  Cookery demonstrations by our professional chef for every recipe.

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