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A Comprehensive, Integrated, World-Class Transformation Package

●  A tailored programme engineered to destroy fat and tone lean muscle tissue from the comfort of your own home.
●  The follow-on from our
Home Transformation Plan, suitable for those with some exercise experience.
Three months of progressive training plans written by award-winning National Level Strength & Conditioning Coaches Alex and Martin.
●  More advanced exercises, tougher workouts and more HIT workouts.
●  Tailored, modular nutrition plan – no calorie counting!
●  Instructional videos with detailed guidance and Alex and Martin’s voice-overs to talk you through every workout.
●  Growing library of healthy & delicious meals.
Recipes are downloadable and printable.
●  Every recipe outlines key health benefits, to teach you about healthy & sustainable eating.

Cookery demonstrations by our professional chef for every fat-burning recipe.

The SmartCoach Advanced Home Transformation Plan uses a combination of cutting-edge resistance training techniques, super-setting and periodisation, balanced with structured high intensity cardio workouts and sustainable, fat-burning nutrition programming. Our voice-overs will talk you through every single workout video, and this is no ordinary plan: as well as healthy and delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, your nutrition library even features SmartCoach-approved chocolate pancakes, ice-cream and brownies to make sure you’re never tempted to stray from your meal plan!

Your plan is available 24/7, anywhere in the world, via the groundbreaking SmartCoach platform. Just login, go to your workout, and get training!


To get the most out of your training, the Advanced Home Transformation Plan uses a few simple pieces of kit. To find out what you need, check out our Amazon wishlist page!

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